Thursday, July 25, 2013

#929Evo Projects - Pics and Press

Recently, I took some time putting together a group of pictures sort of detailing the 6+ years I had with the #929Evo.  As I purchased the car brand new, it went through quite a transformation to a weekend track car, to adding sponsors, to eventually being trailored and at the end being completely gutted and caged.  Below are the pics that work down from top-left.  It's a 16x20 framed photo.

Project #2 was an effort to capture a magazine article for the #929Evo from mid-2012.  Many thanks to Evolution Magazine.  This was a long work in progress from the time the written interviews were taken until publishing over in Europe, then eventually I received a copy.  I eventually tracked down a few additional copies and was able to cut everything out and fancy it up with some additional pictures to round out the mount. 
Evolution Magazine article:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

July --> Races planned = 0

Ah, the Midwest in July.  It's definitely not the funnest time to get into a hot racecar and I have no plans to do so in 2013.  Given I am renting this year and I can pick and choose; I pretty much planned to opt-out of the dreadful summer months.

When it's 90-105 degrees with a heat index ranging from 95-115, and you're in out in the sun all day, on even hotter blacktop, in a 2 or 3-layer fire suit, driving a car with insanely hot operating temps, and many times running the vent or heater toward warm to help out the engine... etc...  It sucks.  And that's the good scenario when you're not laying underneath the car sweating and trying to hastily fix something!
Oh, there's people with crew members, in-car helmet blowers, fancy cool suits with icewater circulating through them and rigs with A/C to cooldown between sessions - but I've never been that special!

 Btw; never been worse than the July weekend in 2009 I spent at VIR for the UTCC where I was getting dizzy in the TT grid (not even 100% full firesafety setup).

I did try a little to find a seat in the 4.5 hr NASA MW Enduro at Autobahn mid-month that goes into the night.  I did not try real hard though, as we had some tentative plans throughout July.  I had another 2 'feeler' offers that timing simply did not line up for.  All-in-all this looks to be an 'off' month.