Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stripping Winter 2012 version... Update #3

The dash has finally been completely removed from the car!  I had to dig up an exploded diagram to find that last 2 bolts (under the passenger side airbag module)!  But with some help I was able to remove it completely from the car.

Now with a little more room in the car, I plan to pull out any and all remaining sound deadening and firewall protection that was hiding behind and under the dash - as it's unneeded weight at this point! 

This is all in the effort to lighten the car and hopefully provide a better % weight distribution as the car is definitely heavier on the nose!  The up-to-date weight count that I've pulled out is only 10lbs at this point.  I'm sure I'll find more, and this does not count ANY of the plastic trim or dash pieces as I assume a majority of those are going back in.  If they do not go back in, I'll add them to the loss total. 

What's permanently gone:
  • Both front tweeters
  • Drivers front door speaker
  • Passenger airbag module (w/o airbag)
  • Misc sound deadening I cut under the dash

Monday, December 19, 2011

Stripping Winter 2012 version... continued

The fun continues!
As you can see from above, I was finally able to get the entire dash assembly out!  It'll eventually be going back in, but before that I'll be removing as much sound deadening from underneath as I can along with whatever else just looks useless.

On the left is the driver's side door.  I was able to pop off the plastic door 'skin' and so far have only removed the speaker in the lower right.  I haven't decided how crazy I'll get here.  It'll mostly depend on whether I cage it or not.  But I'd like to be able to remove the windows while at the track and reinstall then during transport as I have an open trailer.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stripping Winter 2012 version...

Not knowing whether or not I'm going to cage the car, I decided to tear into it either way. If I want to cage it, I can save some $ by pulling the dash out myself. If I'm not caging it, I figure I can still save a little weight by gutting some of the dash.

So, I tore into the dash recently and finally got it completely removed last night.  I also was able to pop off the door skin as well.  I just hope that when the time comes, everything (especially electronically) goes back together smoothly!  haha.

Here's some initial pictures of the process getting started.  The car is actually still loaded on the trailer in my garage!  So space and work has been a little tight, but I'm making progress.

More to come...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rolling the Calendar to 2012

While it's not officially 2012 yet....  Planning for 2012 is well underway.  The tentative plans are once again to build to a specific NASA TT class (2011 was TTA) and compete in the 2012 NASA National Championships in September at Mid Ohio.  However, what class, Time Trials and/or w2w Racing, and what tracks will make up our schedule prior to Nats is very much up in the air.

Here are the main things we are waiting on to firm up plans for 2012:
  • 2012 NASA TT/PT/ST rules updates
  • 2012 NASA TT/PT/ST car classification updates 
  • 2012 NASA Events Schedules -for regions:  Midwest, Great Lakes, SouthEast, Mid-Atlantic, Central & Mid-South
Even without this vital info, steps need to be laid with regards to sponsorships, partnerships, scheduling appointments, vacation requests, budgets, season orders, maintenance planning, misc orders, & research, research, research, etc.  Not to mention keeping the peace at home!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

2011 NASA Nationals - All Class Winning Times

One thing I never listed out was ALL the top times per class and what type of car won them. So here's the info, along with a brief reminder of the power/weight per class.  Mid Ohio PRO course was the track.
Note; I competed in TTA; with a best of 1:32.8

TTR - 1:27.1 - Radical SR3
TTU - 1:29.7 - Evo IX (BBK turbo + lots of Aero!)
TTS - 1:30.8 - C5 Vette (lots of Aero!)
TTA - 1:32.5 - C5 Z06 Vette
TTB - 1:35.8 - C5 Vette
TTC - 1:36.9 - e36 BMW
TTD - 1:39.8 - Mazda Protege
TTE - 1:41.9 - Honda Civic
TTF - 1:46.3 - Infiniti G20 

  • TTR --> with unlimited power/weight & mods
  • TTU 5.50:1 --> with unlimited mods
  • TTS 8.70:1 --> with unlimited mods
  • TTA 8.70:1
  • TTB 10.25:1
  • TTC 12.00:1
  • TTD 14.25:1
  • TTE 16.50:1
  • TTF 19.50:1