Monday, July 20, 2009

NASA Track Record & First in class TTB!

7/18 - 7/19 - NASA Midwest at Autobahn Country Club - South course. Great weather; great results! Video

First session of the day I mounted up a set of r-comps that I got used recently in order to save heat cycles on my Hoosier R6's. Unfortunately I overheated my brakes; lost them completely and suffered a pretty major off. I was pumping my pedal to the floor and using the e-brake to no avail. Yikes!
I came back in feeling extremely fortunate I still had a car. I did a complete flush of the brake system, completely removed my underpanel I had installed, tried to pull out all the weeds I could. I also mounted up my stickier Hoosier R6's while I was at it.
Only missing 1 session, I lined up after lunch with a dirty car and fired a first hot lap that pushed me to first in class. Making just a few minor tweaks throughout the day, my times kept coming down. I ended up with a 1:36.2 and 1st in class out of 4. I also had the 4th fastest time of the day out of 20+ cars besting several cars that were in TT classes higher than me.
Weather was again gorgeous. I studied my data overnight and decided to 'brake less' basically! lol. I also looked and I was .7 away from the track record Sat; so I was pumped. In the first session I had some whacko tire temps, but still fired a time close to Sat's best. Not many changes here. I corrected the pressures and tried to dial in more front camber. I set out looking for the track record. I came away with a 1:35.3 - setting a new track record!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Like the rest of the world - we're on twitter:

I'll try to post some updates from the event this weekend. NASA TT event at Autobahn just south of Joliet. This is the same course we just competed at last month with Redline! However, as compared to Redline we'll be running about 50whp less but much much better tires - Hoosier's vs street tires!
It will be interesting to see how the times shake down. Follow twitter for some updates.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July Track Events!

The month of July carries a few options for me. Not sure what exactly I'm going to do, but here are my options. Let me know if you have an opinion:

1. July 18-19 - NASA Midwest @ Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL
2. July 24 - GRM Hankook UTCC @ VIR (13 hr tow)
3. July 25-26 - NASA Mid-Atlantic @ Virginia International Raceway (VIR)
4. July 25-26 - Redline Time Attack @ Nashville Super Speedway

So right now I am holding 3rd in the NASA Midwest TTB points lead. Out of 3 events, I've only made it to one of them. I skipped the opening event and the other I missed because of a personal conflict.
I've ran the opening East Coast Redline event and placed 2nd. There are a total of 4 East Coast events.
The big potato of them all is the UTCC event at VIR. This is invitation only so it's a huge honor just to be selected. It's an 800+ mile tow plus there's some mountains to worry about too. hmmm.