Monday, August 10, 2009

Double NASA TTB wins & Track Record @ BlackHawk!

First trip ever to BlackHawk Farms Raceway in South Beloit, IL. Event started out rainy, ended with a heat index of around 105! I ended up with wins both days in TTB and slaughtered the class record by about 5 seconds!

I'd like to say thanks to AMS Performance for an awesome tune that held up under the grueling conditions. I'd also like to extend a formal welcome to AMSOIL as they are now officially helping to support my car as well. I ran their engine oil and brake fluid for this event. I was extremely impressed with the AMSOIL brake fluid! Also thanks to Hawk Brake and Hoosier tires for their generosity towards NASA.

Lots of rain and lightning on race day meant a delay to the start. The first session was downpour filled and I had nothing but Hoosier's. I ended up with just 2 dry sessions after lunch to fire out a lap. Unfortunately I had to start from the rear of the grid since my only posted time sucked (R6's on a damp track from earlier in the day). So passing basically 10-15 cars in 8 laps I was able to squeeze out a 1:22.5 which actually broke the class record. The next and last session of the day I got in some clean laps and posted a 1:21.1 and took the TTB win and better the class record.

Aided by brand new stickered R6's, a small suspension tweak and my 2nd day of running this brand new track I ended up with a 1:19.3 to win TTB again and bettered the class record!

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