Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Going WIDE - Proper Tire/Rim offsets

Wow, what a PITA researching proper offsets on tires & rims!  I have been testfitting my new setup of 18x9.5" +28 Volk CE28's currently wearing old 275/35-18 Hoosier R6's.  These babies are WIDE!  And the push out pretty wide too!
I know I wanted some stronger forged rims after cracking a cast rim at my last event of 2009.  I struggled through a choices with size, fitment, offset & brands.  I came down to Volk Racing, Forgeline and CCW.  Knowing I want 2-3 sets to rotate different tires through I started roaming the for sale forums looking for a deal to get started.  That is how I came across my first set.  These are a non-staggered setup that mount up w/o the use of spacers - but I wasn't sure how wide a tire they would allow under the fenders w/o 'massaging'.  Looks to me like a 275 is too wide to tuck in the rear fender well!

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