Friday, March 19, 2010

Rim color Samples - Forgeline Motorsports!

Which to choose?  I've been working with David of Forgeline Motorsports since late last year on a custom set of rims.  I went to Forgeline after I had a fatal crack at my last event of 2009 on a cast-type rim.  David immediately stepped up and agreed to work with me to custom build whatever size, offset, design, color - basically whatever I wanted!  I know Forgeline makes some helli-strong and helli-light forged 3-piece rims that are used throughout the higher rungs of professional motorsports.  Forgeline does not have a bronze as one of their standard colors, so I had David send me out some samples (above).

To the right is a pic of my old rim that cracked - notice both cracks! It's a cast-type rim made by 5Zigen and I used off-and-on throughout 2009. I have another older set - same brand/size/offset but different color - that I've had for years with no issues. But you tend to get faster over the years and put a LOT more stress on parts and it's definitely time to step up to a stronger product like a forged rim.

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