Friday, November 25, 2011

TTS/ST2 class bump - The Downside...

Whether I race or not; a class like TTS/ST2 where it's completely open to mods can be very enticing. I just have to meet a modified power/weight ratio based on the size tire I run - and I can slide the power/weight up or down to my liking! 95% run in the 3050 - 3301 lb range as anything below that starts to get heavily penalized on low weight; plus would involve a lot of expensive weight reduction components!

TTS/ST2 can definitely be $ though. There's always going to be a part that's a little bit lighter or newer or possibly better out there. Do you buy it, test it, screw it? You know someone will...

In TTS/ST2 you also run into:
  1. Full out engine builds. While they are legal, 400whp / 600wtq engines do run - and I'm mostly talking Vettes.
  2. Full out developed aero
  3. Full out carbon fiber bodies - or at least doors, hood, roof, trunk, fenders.
  4. Full out developed custom suspension. We're talking 3-way, 4-way, remotes, nitrogen loaded, $7k-15k Penske, JRZ, Moton setups. Not to mention sways, endlinks, axles, lightened & stiffened rotating mass assemblies and every possible bushing upgraded.
  5. People running the max 250 lbs of ballast in all the right spots and still on their minimum weight!
  6. Vettes, Mustangs, Porsches with 335 Hoosier A6's on 13" wide rims! The Evo can maybe squeeze a 285-295 under stock modified fenders, but nothing past a 10" rim so it won't be ideal. Now per the rules, anything above a 245 or above 275 has to run less HP. But still it's menacing running head-to-head with a 245 tire for example!
  7. MORE drivers with teams of people behind them; who never turn a wrench and pay others to.
  8. Obviously.... bigger budgets!

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