Monday, August 20, 2012

Ebay Auction - Did NOT sell.

The Ebay auction ended around 9:30am CST with the price not meeting the reserve.  We really did not think the car would sell on Ebay, at least not with the first auction listing but thought it was worth a shot to stir up and gauge some interest. 

In all we had 42 total bids with 20 watchers and 2371 total views.

Next step is to decide whether to relist the car or not on Ebay.  Perhaps with a tweaked price, ad wording, pictures, with the trailer, who knows.  In the meantime we still have it appearing in a few magazines along with several different forum listings.  There has been a slow but steady stream of inquiries about it, and finding the right buyer for this more or less 'niche' car is the hard part!  I am confident the next owner will be very happy with their decision!

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