Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NASA Nationals - It's that time again!

This week will bring together racers from across the nation to compete in the yearly NASA National Championships at Mid Ohio.  I was lucky enough to have the time, funds and a competitive car to make the trip last year for my first entry and it was a great experience.  There was the good (a podium finish), the bad (competitor rule violations) and the political (excessive adherence checks) throughout the stretched out 4-day competition.  I learned a ton from the standpoint of competition at a National level, and the level of differing commitment throughout the racing community especially from the financial aspect of it.  Some years the fields are stacked deep with competitors, and other years the competition can be very light in your class - you just don't know until you get there how deep the entry sheets will be.
In the end, like a normal regional competition weekend, I will miss parts of it but not all of it!  Below is a rundown of the last few National Championships:

2013 - ?
2012 - (Mid Ohio - Ohio) - Will not attend.
2011 - (Mid Ohio - Ohio) - Finished on the podium in TTA from a class packed with 14 competitors!
2010 - (Miller Motorsports Park - Utah)  Did not attend.  Initially it was in the plans, but a mid-year switch from TTB to TTA regionally for increased competition left me with a car short of optimized for the ruleset.
2009 - (Miller Motorsports Park - Utah) - Did not attend.
2008 - (Mid Ohio - Ohio) - Did not attend as this was just my first year of competing in NASA Time Trials.

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