Friday, June 21, 2013

24hrs of Lemons @ Autobahn - June 8-9 (part 2)

After my stint on Saturday, the car's owner took over.  He had a good run, but unfortunately had to come in about 20min before the end of Day 1 for a splash of fuel.  We later learned that during the 1st stint the car was starting to sputter as well so we were pushing it to the max and if we didn't get in a full tank and run the 'normal' length session...
After Day #1, the car was in the usual shape for a $500 car that had ran 9 consecutive hrs!  No major changes or fixes were needed as the #86 Volvo proves to be pretty damn reliable.  We'd pop in some newer rear rotors and rotate the tires and stuff it completely freaking full of gas (my job) and it'd be ready for Day #2.  The plan for Sunday was for the 2 co-owners to split the day as I was only a last minute fill-in for Day #1 to help out with the long stints.  So, with nothing left to do I headed the 2.5hrs homeward and wished everything good luck.

Day #2 - Sunday - would be 5.5 hrs to complete the 14.5 hr Enduro event.  I heard the team had some last minute issues prior to the start and I later received this text:  "Here's our custom fix for the problematic alternator bolt breaking issue. This happened Sunday morning about 15 minutes before going out on track. It held up all day no problems."  (see pic)

Once again the car performed well and the team ran cleanly.  But 2 Camaro's were clearly dominating this track, along with a Lexus (that later blew up), the top 3 were V8's and were stretching their leads. 

By the end of the event, we finished 6th out of 82 cars.  A hell of a lot of fun.  Thanks again to the team for the invite!

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