Monday, June 22, 2009

Ready for Redline Time Attack - Autobahn!

Wow, what a crazy few days.

If you read the previous post, I've been working on redoing the brakes seals as they've started to leak. I got everything together but came home to a big puddle of fluid on the floor Tuesday night (with a track weekend fast approaching). I ripped apart the caliper and found a chuck missing from one of my new seals. Check out the pic!
I made quick calls to AMS for brake fluid and Girodisc for a few replacement seals. Gotta love overnight express!
Thursday everything got delivered. I put in the new seal, bled all the corners again and went for a testdrive. A quick stab of the brakes (with my eyes closed) and the car slammed to a stop. I pulled some more speed and pushed them hard and locked up a front tire. SUCCESS! Did a few more stops to bed in my new pads to the new calipers. Then rolled back home to finally register for the event about 10pm on Thursday night and pack up for the trip!

Bottom line, got the car loaded and ready to make the trip towards Chicago to compete in my first Redline Time Attack event!

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