Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July (mid-year) Maintenance

Mid-year maintenance!  Time to flush out those drivetrain fluids as we're approaching the halfway point in the 2010 track season.  July is a busy month with a quick turnaround for me, so getting to this early.  In case you're wondering, yes I did use that old mustard bottle to squirt in rear diff fluid!

Fluids flushed
  • Evo Rear Diff Fluid
  • Evo ACD Fluid
  • Evo Trans Fluid
  • Truck Trans Fluid

Also, leaving the car in 'TTA' format for my next NASA event.  It'll be in the same format as we ran last Sat at the AMS trackday (same track too) - with some minor changes.

I still battled some understeer so I'm putting my old Hotchkis Rear SwayBar back on the car.  That combined with an updated alignment planned for Friday @ GRD in Chicago and I'm hoping for some good results.

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