Monday, January 24, 2011

Boost Leak Testing!

Here's some pics from the boost leak test I setup. I did everything with the car still loaded on the trailer in my garage! Not ideal, but not impossible.

Here is a pic of the turbo 'cap' I built. (On the left is the air hose.) It's a way to enter metered air into the turbo. I use an compressor initially set to a stockish 20psi and let the system build up and started listening for major leaks. After tightening up a few intercooler hoses, I could hear major air leaking from around the injector seals.
Ideally I'd pump the system to just above what I'd run on the track - about 30psi - and it'd hold solid with no noticeable leaks. 

So thanks to this test, I'm planning on replacing the injector seals and then getting the car re-tuned to verify the horsepower!  The car goes to AMS Performance in Chicago at the end of the month.

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