Monday, January 31, 2011

AMS Tuning!

Took the car up to AMS Performance in Chicago last Friday.  I had AMS replace some leaking seals, and a wideband A/R gauge for safety and retune the car. 
AMS last tuned the car in mid 2008, and there's been some parts switching so an updated tune was in order.  I also wanted to verify the boost leaks were the only reason my traqmate logs showed me down on power and not something more severe.

Results = Yummy!  (Vid below.)
Nearly 360whp / 380wtq on their Mustang Dyno in cold 20 degree Chicago weather. That's nearly 470hp if measured at the crank. I think that'll pull nicely.
Huge thanks to the team at AMS for taking care of me including Dan & Eric up front and Chris for the tune.

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