Thursday, September 8, 2011

NASA Nationals - Day 1 morning

So the drive Wed afternoon/evening/night was fortunately uneventful.  I made the 450 miles in just 2 stops.  Think about that... 7+ hours with 2 chances to pee.  And into that I was exhausted for some reason, so pushing the water, caffeine and coffee.  I was pretty much a zombie the last 45min.
Got to the track at 7:50; just in time to register.  Unloaded; got food, 10min at the pool to relax; bed.  Oh yeah.... it was raining already.

Day 1... 
Thursday Morning...
So today was... slow!  Only 2 sessions today, when I'm used to 5!  Our initial TT meeting was a full hour long!  Lots of regulations and rules to go over.  Fortunately I have an annual tech, so all good there.  But you have to get your 'tamper proof tape', and all your class & NASA stickers (all good there too) and all your additional contingency stickers straightened out.  Difficult to do with humidity and rain.

Speaking of rain; rained all night, into the morning; and through the morning.  It was obviously going to be a wet day.  I came on my Dunlop street tires, so I was planning on using those the first session.  So I went out in the rain; 1 of only 12 in our group of ~34 that braved the bad weather.  And it was slick obviously.  I piloted the car to a 2:13; earning myself 2nd in grid and 1st in class.  The 20 or so cars that didn't go out... they'd all be stuck lining up in back; first come; first served!

More later...

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