Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 NASA Nationals - Day 3 - Saturday

Entering Saturday (Day 3 of 4) I was in 3rd of 14.  The biggest factor looked to be the weather.  It'd been foggy every morning, but we were out earlier this morning and the fog was worse!  Couple that with the forecast for 50% chance of rain the entire weekend and it was hard to know if/when we'd have a good session.

So for the morning session I had already decided to push and push hard.  The first hotlap yielded one car with an ABS failure (huge lockup) on the course and a car in the middle of the track for me.  On the 2nd lap I actually had a 100% clean lap with no traffic or yellows.  I made the most of it with a personal best of 1:32.834

I have no idea what my pressures were as I didn't have anyone to take them for me.  And we weren't allowed to touch the cars in the tech area.  I can tell you that they either started too low and I pushed too hard to quickly.  Or I just plain overdrove them.  Check out the pic of the LF, this was after just 3 total sessions too!

For our 2nd session of the day around 1:40pm it was threatening rain.  I had already decided to sit it out so I could watch the Group D race, as I had several friends racing in ST2 (/Ryan, David, Whit & Justin).  I'd missed their 2 qualifying races on Thurs/Fri as I was always being impounded after our afternoon session.  I was being weighed every time, and/or teched and later GPS'd (100% legal).  Our 2nd session was wet and the start of the ST2 race was wet, but dried up quickly.  Then as soon as they got done it started to pour!  Our 3rd session would definitely be screwed - so I started drinking... lol.

I ended day #3 in 1st place out of 14 cars but it was insanely close.  The top 3 spots were 1:32.8, 1:32.9, 1:33.1.

Here's vid from the only session I ran on Saturday.  It was in the morning fog; pretty eerie stuff!  This was my only 100% clean lap of the session too, the other 4 had yellow flags and/or other cars off that I had to slow down for.

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