Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stripping Winter 2012 version... Update #3

The dash has finally been completely removed from the car!  I had to dig up an exploded diagram to find that last 2 bolts (under the passenger side airbag module)!  But with some help I was able to remove it completely from the car.

Now with a little more room in the car, I plan to pull out any and all remaining sound deadening and firewall protection that was hiding behind and under the dash - as it's unneeded weight at this point! 

This is all in the effort to lighten the car and hopefully provide a better % weight distribution as the car is definitely heavier on the nose!  The up-to-date weight count that I've pulled out is only 10lbs at this point.  I'm sure I'll find more, and this does not count ANY of the plastic trim or dash pieces as I assume a majority of those are going back in.  If they do not go back in, I'll add them to the loss total. 

What's permanently gone:
  • Both front tweeters
  • Drivers front door speaker
  • Passenger airbag module (w/o airbag)
  • Misc sound deadening I cut under the dash

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