Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7.1.2012 - Mid Ohio - Race Qualifying

This is vid from Qualifying on Sunday morning with the camera out back.  Love the audio on this!  Buschur tuned and catless Buschur exhaust with their small rear muffler.

We were gridded for quals based on our warmup times - which I had a high 1:35x and was slotted first.  We leave the pits to an immediate green flag, so I run about a 7/10's lap trying to heat the tires and maintain a decent gap but w/o catching the rear of the field. 
Nailing it right away on the BFG R1 tires wasn't ideal, but I didn't really have a choice with 50+ cars in the field there was never going to be clear track.  I had a skid right away in T1 that cost my .7 seconds in looking at my data.

I think the first lap was a 1:34.2 - if not for the skid in lap #1 it'd been a mid 1:33; and a low 1:33 had I not had to let off right at the end to dodge the black car.  Lap #2 was worse; a 1:35x so I pulled it in after that.  Man how I was missing the open track of TT at this point!  My time still took pole position by a 1/2 second.

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