Monday, December 17, 2012

Chumpcar "Chumpionship" Nationals - Pt 1

Back in September I was offered a seat in the Chumpcar Nationals at Heartland Park - Topeka (HPT) raceway.  I had never ran in the Chumpcar series, but having literally just sold the Evo and feeling pretty good about that situation, I jumped at the arrive-n-drive opportunity. 

The event was to be held at HPT Sept 22-23rd.  It a 'Heaven and Hell' race that was 777 minutes on Sat and 666 minutes on Sunday for a total of about 15.5 hrs in all.  We were to have 4 drivers; each with a 2hr stint on Sat and a bit less than that again on Sunday.  I had no idea who else was driving, but I knew of the car and 1 of the owners (4-way share I guess).

Either way I slapped down my deposit and packed all my racing gear; having not been on the any track since July 1st and planned out my nearly 6 hr drive through the middle of nowhere to Topeka, KS.  I was last at HPT in 2007 - keep in mind I did run my first track event untuil 2006; so this was a long long time ago.  Hell, the track had been slightly redesigned since I was last there, making it faster for the SCCA as it was then hosting the SCCA Runoffs pretty regularly.  Anyways, I was excited. 
I took off on Friday around 8am, stopping once for gas and once for food - got caught in a homecoming parade in Topeka and arrived at the track around 3:30pm for gear check.  There was a practice day, but our team - Dark Shark Racing - was not running.  The car was there going through tech when I arrived and everything checked out including my safety gear.  More to come...

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