Monday, February 18, 2013

March Racing Itinerary

The March Itinerary has been planned.  Along with sweet vacation planned with the wife, I'll be attending my first race of 2013 in March.  Specifically March 23-24 at Gateway Motorsports Park outside St Louis, MO with NASA Central Region in a PTE Miata.
All the legwork has been taken care of and I have heard the car is nearly prepped for 2013 racing.  The #7 PTE Miata should be great fun to drive and I have no doubt it'll be setup and ready to rock when I arrive at the track early Saturday morning.  With a ton of laps already at Gateway in the dry and wet, I will immediately focus on figuring out the car and have my eyes set on the PTE lap record among other goals over the 2-day 2-race weekend! 
I have been in 2 other Miata's before, but this should be the fastest ride for me as it will be prepped for PTE which is a higher class than the normal SM (Spec Miata).  The biggest difference being mods, while limited, are open and they are not required to run the usual 205 Toyo RA1.

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