Friday, March 1, 2013

April Racing Itinerary

April will bring my first ever Lemons race.  The race will be held in Michigan at Gingerman Raceway over April 20-21st.  The 2-day race will include nearly 15hrs of race action split between our team of 3-4 drivers.  Our Team - Little Lebowski Urban Achievers - will be piloting a 1986 Volvo 245.

There are a few details left to sort out.  Mainly whether we will have 3 or 4 drivers for the event; and how we split up the actual stints.  I'm pretty excited for the seattime, as the car has been a solid Lemon's entry for several years and we have a good chance of running at the front of the pack if all goes well.

This date conflicts with a NASA Midwest event at Autobahn Country Club; which I have been claiming as my home track for a few years as it's about 2 hrs from me.  I do hope to make another NASA event at Autobahn later in the year, as they have dates in July and September.

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