Friday, March 22, 2013

March 23-24 - Gateway Motorsports Park!

My first event of 2013 is this weekend at Gateway Motorsports Park in St Louis.  Gateway was recently reopened under new management and is technically my 'home' track and closest track (although I claim Autobahn now).

This weekend is the opening event for the NASA Central Region, and is a crossover with the Mid-South region.  It will probably be my only event with the 2 regions.  We'll be racing in a PTE Miata and we've got a 3-car PTE class so it should be plenty of fun.  I'll be gunning for the class win as well as the PTE track record of 1:15.9 set last year.  I do still own the NASA Midwest regional TTB record from 2010 of 1:08.7 in the Evo.

The forecast for Saturday shows 47 as a high with a chance of rain.  However, Saturday night there's a 90% chance of rain/snow mix heading into Sunday where's there's a good chance of snow.  I've heard up to 6" an hour N of the track.  We'll see....

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