Thursday, October 21, 2010

October Vids!

Here's vid from Oct 9/10th @ Putnam Park
Swept NASA TTA with a best lap of 1:17.4

Here's some vid of the practice session which is different than most of the vid I show of just 1-2 clear & open laps. Enjoy. Only ran a 1:19x to get a descent grid spot, then just navigated traffic:

For sessions #2 and #3, I let it fly. Ended up with a personal best of 1:17.4 winning my class by about 1.5 seconds and setting the 4th fastest time of 40 cars.
Session #2, looking backwards:

By Session #3 everyone was agreeing the track was getting pretty greasy. Most were probably like me and using up the last of their old tires to finish out the year?!? I ran a 1:17.5 in this session. Here's vid looking backwards again. Check out the rubber laid down! Running 245's:

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