Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boostin Performance Trans Refresh - Complete!

Went and picked up the car from Boostin Performance Friday night.  Left work around 3:30pm and made the trip up to Chicago.  I got pretty lucky with traffic; going the opposite direction and all.  I spent about an hour at the shop talking with Devin and Kristin about the car and what all it's been through in the past few years.

I packed things up and headed back home; yep it was a turn-around trip!  Made it safely back about 11pm.  Exhausted...

In the pic of my car and my buddy Ryan's white Evo that was coincidentally in for a transmission repair too.  We both decided on Boostin Performance; each with our first trip there!

We'll both be running the cars in a few weeks at the next NASA event - July 9-10th at Autobahn Country Club; just South of Chicago.  Wish us luck!

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