Thursday, January 26, 2012

January Tuning Trip - Part 1

So I've been trying to figure out a good time to get the Evo to my tuner.  It's a long trip and being January the weather has definitely played a part in adjusting the time table.  It needed to get there as soon as I realistically could make it to keep my plans in March and April on track (more to come).  Details:

January 13th - Cancelled trip due to snow and 30mph gusts causing drifts.

January 20th - Trip; version #2.
Friday 6:30pm - Plan was to trek ~280 miles (5 hrs) and stop for the night. Then complete trip and return home Saturday evening. We (me, the wife and out puppy) were fully expecting to run into bad weather. We only made about 30miles before the sleet & freezing rain started and soon it was bad enough where the wipers & washer fluid couldn't clear it and defroster/defogger couldn't keep it clean. Pulled over after 57 miles and took a look at all the radars & road conditions and evenbdecided to head back! 
January 21st - Trip; version #3.
Sat 6am - After a night of watching radar and the IDOT website, things were no longer 'red/impassible' across the state; just portions but a lot of yellow (patchy ice/snow). After much debate we took off about 7:30am with a possible turn-around trip planned depending on the conditions and how we felt. The interstate was nearly all clear, with the on-ramps and off-roads spotty and dangerous.

Sat 10:30am - planned stop for fuel including 100oct for the Evo which was nearly empty. This was a MUST for the upcoming tune. Only the station I'd bought it at several times before now didn't carry it anymore, just 110. Apparently the Gas City was now a Speedway; apparently all Gas City's were bought out last year... Great. Used GPS to route to the next Gas City... which we found was a 7-11 now and no luck.

Sat 1pm - The next potential Gas City was in the ChicagoLand area off I-80. After this one I wasn't sure what the plan was, my wife was patrolling the internet for options this entire time. We got there and it was also a Speedway - but did have 100 oct! Only my credit card was declined! So I used my ATM card; all good. About an hour later I get a fraud call from my credit card company and find out it's some new policy that I have to let them know when I leave the state (I was a few miles into Indiana). I was pissed; completely BS after having this card for probably 8-10 years I'll be dropping them. I had to have them OK to use it in IN and Ohio as well for the next 2 days. Felt like I was 12 asking for permission. Anyways; roads continued to be clear and the IN then OH turnpikes were all that was left. 

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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