Monday, January 30, 2012

January Tuning Trip - Part 2

Buschur Racing - Yep; Buschur was the final destination. We arrived there about 5:30pm local. I'd never been to the shop; only met Dave last year at a NASA event and we've been in touch every since while working out a plan. I've got high hopes for their work and his tuning so wish me luck!
Fortunately their lot had been plowed so it was mostly clear to unload. I started the car (3rd time since Oct) and backed it off the trailer (first time since Oct). It was still wearing Hoosier A6's so I took the time to swap my street tires back on. Parked the trailer in the back; locked the Evo - repacked all my tools and such I never leave without - and we were off on the ~500 mile return trip.

Sat 6:30pm - Now the debate; drive straight through or not. We decided to head back the same way as the roads were good. I originally was going to head back via Cincy - Indy just for new scenery but that's where all the ice had fell the night before. Eta would be about 2am if we made the full trip; all in the dark. We instead decided to hotel it; picking the same hotel I had booked Fri night and never made It was about 3hrs away near South Bend. We got there with a fuel & food stop around 10pm.

Sun 6am - Back up and on our way... No change in the weather; just cold. We busted through Chicago taking I-55 home and the only drama was having to fight a strong cross-wind the last 3 hours.

Sun 11:30am - Made it home safely. Unpacked a little; then a shower and a beer! Later a big meal; more beer and lots of football!   The total trip counter (right) showed just under 17hrs driving and 1000 miles.  Whew.  And just think; I've gotta go get the Evo shortly!

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