Friday, May 17, 2013

Race Weekend - Putnam Park with NASA!

Leaving in a few hours for Putnam Park raceway just outside Indy.  Racing a '95 Mustang in class CMC at the NASA MW/GL crossover event.  I'm sure it'll have an awesome turnout after looking at the entry lists.  Forecast looks good, which a change of rain Saturday:

  • Sat:  79 degrees - 30% chance of rain
  • Sun:  85 degrees and sunny
I also heard from the car owner this week (it'd been about 10 days since we'd talked).  The car apparently had some issues at it's first event last month.  So it's got a new (used) shortblock in it for the race weekend.  Everything checked out on the install, so he said the only thing to do is "drive the hell out of it"!  So that's my plan.  Hopefully the install was a good one!

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