Friday, May 3, 2013

4/20/2013 - 24 hours of Lemons @ Gingerman Day 1 (Part 2)

To the right is a nice pic of the car.  As I mentioned, these are $500 cars with some homemade parts and then street tires and full safety equipment (cage, harnesses, seat, etc).  They can be pretty interesting; I'll share some more pics in the next post. 

Onto Part 2 of my 3-hr stint on Saturday which is spliced up below.  I highlighted about a 20min span of working through traffic to give everyone an idea of how things work over that type of timespan (vid is only 7min).  I didn't really realize it until that evening, but I was pretty much following the white Focus through traffic.  He noticed as we talked later that night and we both agreed we ended up working pretty well in some lead-follow succession.

My stint ended after about 3 hrs and being my water bottle fell out of it's holder about 45min in; I was more than thirsty!  Overall beginning with the the first hour or so my hands and feet were pretty cold as it was cloudy and in the 40's.  Never having driven the car before I settled in especially through hour #2 (vid below) and made sure to stay clean while I clicked off the laps.  Eventually my stint was complete and I brought the car in for a fuel stop and driver change - still in 2nd place!  We were about the slowest car in the top 12 or so with regards to top laptimes, but good driving and strategy were keeping us in the running.

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