Thursday, November 7, 2013

DirtFish Rally School - Boneyard!

After a few rounds on the Slalom course - sharing the 4 cars and 4 instructors between the 8 of us students, we moved onto the next course.  This was is nicknamed the 'Boneyard' and would be much longer with higher speeds and varying types of corners.  I was def looking forward to this, as this is one of the courses that Top Gear utilized when they visited - that episode airing just a few weeks prior to my trip!

The video below is my first round of runs through the Boneyard.  Some turns good, but the double-apex ones not so good on exit as I kept trying to drive the car like a Tarmac course and it just would not turn as the grip level is non-existent!
My most common flaw was not turning the wheel enough to get the car to fully rotate.  But unlike most of the others, I never spun the car completely around or anything crazy.  I was cool enough to knock over a few cones with the rear of the car (since it wouldn't rotate fast enough).  That was fun!  Also pretty cool as the instructor is yelling - "...just go, keep going!"

It was a heck of a lot of fun, and something completely different.  I was picking it up fast, but I had a long long way to go if I ever really wanted to Rally.  A 1/2 day school by no means was going to make me an expert; I was just here to have fun!  And the views around the Washington state countryside were spectacular - check out the vid!

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