Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Prepping for trip - NASA @ Road Atlanta

As 2014 schedules are being leaked and I debate renting vs buying for 2014 - the Road Atlanta weekend is quickly approaching!

Plans are to make the 9 hour drive Thursday afternoon, with my Old Man riding shotgun with me.  He actually came in my only other trip to Road ATL in March/2012 when I towed down the Evo and enjoyed it.  This weekend should be much more interesting as instead of running Time Trials, I'll be taking part in the NASA 8hr Enduro on Friday and Sprint races on Saturday.  I already see 17 cars registered in the se30 class for Saturday and 56 total in our racegroup.  Should be a terrific race and hopefully I'll have the car figured out after my time in it Friday during the Enduro to place towards the front!

As for the 8hr Enduro, final driver lineups for our team are set.  Drivegear put the team together, which includes 2 other races I have not yet met.  We'll plan on splitting the 5 stints between the 3 of us with a 45min practice session also on the schedule.  I believe a Drivegear team finished 2nd or 3rd in last year's Enduro so I'm expecting their cars to be well prepped and for us to be in the running in the E3 class.

I'm very interested in piloting what will be 2 different se30's (Spec BMW E30 models) this weekend.  I've already had some local some rental and purchase options for se30's in 2014 and a lot of that will depend on what I think of the models while at Road ATL. 
I leave you with one of my favorite pics of the #929Evo - from Road Atlanta!

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