Monday, April 27, 2009

April 18-19 Putnam - Data Aquisition Analysis

While on track, I run a data aquisition tool called Traqmate. Traqmate records everything and lets you compare laps from throughout the day, from another day or even another car. You can compare everything from speeds to braking to g-forces.
Looking at the data from April 18th specifically as compared to last April at Putnam with a different suspension setup, my entry speeds are lower across the board from my last trip. My exit speeds are similar however. The mid-corner understeer I used to fight all the time; I did not notice at all. I believe this is what allowed my corner exit speeds to catch back up and my laptimes to be equal - even on less power and older tires.
So, I'm pretty happy with this outcome. I was not pushing the car for my best lap, and believe that I have another 1-2 seconds left out there especially with the new Hoosier R6's that I will be running. Next event - May 16-17 - Putnam Park with NASA Midwest!

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