Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 18-19 Putnam Park w/ MVP TrackTime

A weekend at Putnam Park with MVP Tracktime. MVP puts on great lapping events with a ton of gourgeous high $ cars, good drivers and a lot of tracktime. I use their events for testing because of the extensive tracktime - usually 6 20min sessions.

Saturday was a great day; around 70 and sunny. Car performed flawlessly through the day and the laptimes kept coming down. I ended up equalling my best from last year even though I was running older tires, more retrofitted stock parts and down about 25hp. I did this to run in my 2009 TTB setup.

Sunday started with spotty rain and the promise for a lot more come afternoon. I left my stock street tires on and they proved to be horrible. They are really old, really hard, a few sizes smaller and 2 of them are nearly shot. Even after learning the 'rain-line' I slid everywhere on the track. Definitely adding some sort of rain tire option to the shopping list!

Click HERE for Video!

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