Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NASA Announces Contingencies!

Racing is an expensive hobby, there's no way around that fact. We try to supplement the best we can by working directly with specific sponsors for help. In addition, each sanctioning body works to bring a few contingency sponsors to the table as well. To qualify for the contingency, usually you need to run a specific brand part and display those logos - and of course place at the top of your group!

Hawk Performance Brakes. Hawk is continuing their contingency from last year.

Hoosier Tires! Hoosier extended contingencies to the NASA TT crowd.

I switched to Hawk pads last year; the DTC60's and was planning to run them again. Tire choice was a big decision. I had it numbered down to 3 choices, but with the contingency announced, I'm definitely going with a Hoosier R6.

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