Monday, April 13, 2009

Class Change for 2009 - TTB

In NASA TT; every car has a base class. From there you can perform modifications that will add points to your car that may bump you to a higher class. The trick - I have learned - is to use all your points for a particular class - and use them wisely!

My 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX has a base class of B. Last year, I had enough modification to bump me into the middle of A. Not knowing much about NASA and what I wanted to do, I ran without being maximized in the A group.

Per some rule changes for 2009, I decided to slide down to group TTB and be sure to maximize the car out. I spoke a lot with AMS Performance; particularly Chris about my power options given some more limited modifications. You really need to find the best recipe! I also reached out to about every suspension guru around including AMS Performance, GTWorx/RRE, Robispec, Muellerized, PIC/Pure, and Cusco/Nakabe to name a few. I could either strive for the max hp in my car, or really trick out the suspension. I would not have enough to do both. Of another big concern is what size and type of tire to run. In the end, I chose to run the best DOT tire I could in a modest 245 size - go with a reasonable 2-way adjustable suspension and use the rest of my points for power. I am excited...

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