Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 - Parts on Order!

While the car is currently sitting at Buschur racing, I've been busy gathering parts needed for 2012.  Some the Evo has been waiting on for install and re-tuning, some are needed for maintenance before the first event and others will be needed down the road in 2012.  Here a quick list of what's either been delivered or ordered in the past few weeks:

  • Updated ACD - ACD Tuning!
  • Hawk Front Brake Pads
  • PowerSlot front rotors - slotted & directionally veined
  • Flat aluminum piece (reinforcement for splitter update)
  • 3M Epoxy (for splitter update)
  • Buschur Racing Oil Pan (improve oil pressure under G loads)
  • Buschur Racing O2 Housing (more powa)
  • Synapsis BOV (better hold high boost)
  • Set of Hoosier WETS (road/race tires for use during rain days)
  • Ice Vest (hoping to keep cool this summer)

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