Monday, April 30, 2012

NASA Midwest - April Autobahn Enduro Recap.

With a busy day that started out with high hopes, it sure did end early on a downer!  All-in-All, I did not get to run the Enduro last Friday at Autobahn; sadly.

My co-driver - and the car owner - took the first stint, which was going to be the first 1.5 hrs of the race. He was doing just fine, after about 15min into the race he reached for 4th gear and got nothing but smoke! I was actually back at my truck getting all my racegear on and seen the smoke!

By the time I got back to the grid in my race attire, they were bringing the car in 'on the hook'. Engine gone. So my stint never happened. But, I was able to take off earlier than planned to go and get my Evo which was about 1 hour away @ Boostin Performance. So that helped at least.

The engine, and the car itself was a brand new build from Bennington Motorsports.  I am not sure of the plan, but I am assuming it will be fixed, remedied, and back out on the track later this summer.  We've got a few more Enduro's scheduled later in the summer so hopefully we'll be back at it in the Porsche 944.

The only positive from the situation was it free'd up some of my busy afternoon with the #929 Evo.  I had taken off the day to first run the Evo up to Boostin Performance in Chicago to diagnose and fix the electrical issues that came with the cage build.  Even before the Enduro 944 went down, I also had an email from Boostin stating the car was ready to go!  So I packed things back up to head ~1hr north again to fetch the car and prep it for Sat/Sun racing!

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