Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Electrical Issues - Fixed @ Boostin Performance!

After spending more time after Gateway with my brand new voltage meter - in the cover of my dry garage and not in the rain - I had found that the alternator was in fact still putting out a charge.  So I'm very happy we didn't try to hash & hack in a new alternator overnight at the track at Gateway.  With some more searching and following lines, I unwrapped the protective coating around the main fuse assembly just off of the battery that my cagebuilder updated during the cage build process.  Low and behold I found an obvious issue with the fuse!  I was both frustrated and optimistic at the same time, as the car ran perfectly as always at Road Atlanta earlier in March prior to the cage build at Izzy's.

I shared these findings about the fuse with some friends and we all agreed this could be the only issue, or just 1 of the issues.  Either way it needed changed out as well as a belt in the car that was showing some wear.  So I scheduled some time Friday April 20th prior to my Autobahn event at Boostin Performance in Addison, IL which is about 1hr N or the Autobahn track.  It was going to be a busy day, but Devin & Kristin did their best to accomodate me with a late pickup that I would need after running the Enduro from 3-7:30pm.

I dropped the car off at Boostin Performance around 1pm and further explained my issues and what I had determined to this point with the instructions to 'fix what was needed'.  lol.  I was then off to Autobahn for the Enduro where I'd be splitting a 3hr event in a Porsche 944.  Even before the Enduro started at 4:30pm I had an email from Boostin Performance that my car was fixed and it was indeed just the fuse.  I exchanged my thoughts on verifying the battery load for 10+ minutes etc and everything had already been tested so it was ready for pickup!  On top of that they were able to fix my sliced wire on my Oil Temp gauge under the car!

So after our Enduro 944 suffered an early retirement from the race on Friday evening, I headed back to Boostin Performance to pick up the Evo and bring it back to the track.  Around 8pm I had the Evo back at the track and unloaded.  Then some food, and the hotel for the night... 

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