Thursday, June 21, 2012

Install: DBA Rotors

New DBA rotors will be on the car for the next event.  Thanks to Ken @ KNS Brakes for his recommendation in trying these out.  Ken also shipped me out my first set of Hawk DTC70's as well which will be on the car.

Previously I've been running PowerSlot rotors which have done fairly well.  I did have one crack on me pretty quickly this year, but I firmly believe that was some collateral damage from a faulty caliper I had back in April. 

Either way, I took Ken's advice to try out something from DBA.  They also have some paint on the top of the rotor itself that will turn a different color once a certain temperature is achieved.  Information like this helps you figure out if you're running the right brake pad compound as well as if your cooling is sufficient.  I'll be sure to report back after my first event with them!

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