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There's a few forums I visit pretty regularly, and one of them is  Scott and crew have been nice enough to give me a sub-forum there to post pretty much anything I want related to the #929Evo setup, racing, pics, vid, advice, questions, etc.  A few weeks ago they made a pretty big announcement that I wanted to share:
"As most of you have seen, over the last 4 years and some change - the Forum has continued to grow and evolve. The latest change to the newest version of VBulletin, new style, and dedicated server are all part of a continuing evolution we've been working on. We've always aspired to be more than just an outlet for information and more of a family. We've always prided ourselves on being true to our members and give honest, no pulled punches answers. No matter what the topic, we want you guys to know you are getting the best forum experience possible. Well, we figure - it's time that we invite everyone to have the same experience. That's right - we are shedding our MidwestEvos title and going National!

On June 28th we will be changing our title to

Why the name? Well obviously we can't keep "midwest" in the name if we're branching out to every nook and cranny in the nation- but we also wanted to choose a name that reflected what we strive for day in and day out- and that's being a true community and not just a forum. There are a lot of other forums out there and over the last few years we've noticed they've either become corporately owned and have lost their "soul" or have become terribly biased towards one vendor or another. We will not let that happen! This is an environment where ideas and experiences will be welcome and bullying and flaming will not be tolerated. As one of the last remaining enthusiast owned evo forums- we hope to take back some what is rightfully ours and ALL OF YOURS- this community and it's integrity."

You can read more about the changeover decision and process directly on the forums HERE.

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