Tuesday, May 10, 2011

March-April 2011 - "Config #1"

I spent a LOT of time over the winter researching Aero.  Wings, Splitters, Diffusers, Canards, etc.  And I still feel like I have a very miniscule knowledge on the subject.  It also seems like there are a lot of people that offer advice that they can't confirm - mostly because they are churning out the same supposed 'expert' principles they've read somewhere on the internet and never tested anything themselves.

So, I took the knowledge I could get and decided to test some on my own.  My Evo comes with pretty large wing from the factory as it is - and it's really pretty well balanced in sweepers with regard to predictability.  Now if you upset it, it'll push or come around but there's no crazy snap oversteer or understeer at least with any of the suspension setups I've ran (5 in total).

In balancing a few factors including $, NASA 'modification' points, balance and ease of assembly I decided to start off the year with a used setup consisting of a front APR splitter and rear APR GTC-200 wing with extended mounts.  I nicknamed this 'Config #1'.  After running 6 days with this setup, I feel I've had enough seattime to make some logical conclusions. The sucky part is 3 were at a new track; 1 day was all rainy and all of this was with a brand new suspension and alignment.  However, there's only some much tracktime I can get in a year so you can't isolate everything!

I did get to run 1 session at Mid Ohio with no wing at all! That was beneficial in feeling how no wing felt in combination with the front splitter. My instant conclusion was the rear wing helped but it wasn't making as huge a difference as I had thought. Well either that or the splitter was just f'ing everything up and actually creating lift instead of downforce. But the car wasn't exactly slow...I did break the track record.

Fortunately I ran full speed (9/10's) at Autobahn at my last event and have some good comparable times with the aero. My goal for that weekend was to switch to a 'Config #2' the 2nd day.  Essentially I would have been trading some aero benefits for hp & torque.  But like I said in previous posts; due to the weather we didn't get a chance to test 'Config #2'. But again; the car wasn't exactly slow...I did break the track record.

Conclusion???  Next Steps???  Stay tuned....

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