Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Rotors & Pads!

The front calipers are ready to go back in; new seals and dustboots are in place.  Along with them, a new set of Hawk DTC60 pads and Powerslot rotors going in as well - and a good bleed/flush with fresh AMSoil DOT4 brake fluid. 

With this preemptive maintanance, we should be close to good for the rest of 2011 with the entire front & rear brake system.  Depending on the total # of track days, we might need another set of pads, but with the factory Brembo setup, those can be switched in very easily!  I like to plan ahead!

I think preemptive maintanance like this between events is what keeps the car on track - collecting data and getting faster at events!  Instead of on jackstands or the trailer early in the weekend...

Here's a pic of the driver's side put back together -->

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