Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Install - New Rotors, Calipers, Brake Pads & Fluid!

Going back on are PowerSlot Cryo treated slotted and directionally veined front rotors. Whew. These are produced by stoptech and I've used them for awhile, although this is my first go-round with the Cryo treatment. I'm hoping the little extra scratch helps them last longer. I think I went through 3 sets of rotors last year.

Inside the updated calipers are a new set of Hawk DTC-60's.

My wife volunteered to help some Sunday so I had her pump the pedal for me while I flushed the brake fluid. I've got a Motive Speed Bleeder; but I'll use the help of a human person over it when I can. I ran through about 1.5 bottles of AMSOIL DOT4 and made sure all the air bubbles were gone of course.


  1. Nice job, Nathan! I had my radiator replaced just last week. This was due to buildup of rust, which I tried to flush out for months. Sadly, my mechanic told me that we had to replace it to prevent further problems. We ordered online for a new radiator, and he helped me install it in my garage. Indeed, manual labor hasn’t lost it touch, but I’ll always use a machine when I have a chance.

    Enoch Ross

  2. I've had people suggest rinsing Radiators out with a light blend of alcohol and even diesel fuel (if there's overflow of oil in there). Fwiw; I had a Mishimoto unit in my car the last several years - just slightly larger than stock I believe.