Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lemons @ Gingerman - April 20-21st Preview

The initial schedule for the weekend - assuming no problems - is as follows: 
Friday , 19 April 2013
9am-5pm: Gingerman test day

Saturday, 20 April 2013
9am: Mandatory drivers' meeting
10am-7:30pm: Race Session I

Sunday, 21 April 2013
10am-12pm: Gingerman Quiet Time - NO RACE MOTORS.
12:15pm-5pm: Race Session II
5:30pm: Awards

Not counting practice, the race sessions total 9.5 hrs Sat; 5 hrs Sun = 14.5 hrs Grant Total.  This is to be split up between just 3 of us!  Add to that the weather forecast which has highs in the 40/50's, but lows in the low 30's each night.  Plus we've had probably 5-8" of rain this week throughout IL; so I can only assume Michigan has about the same.
A new development as of noon today (Thursday) is that our Team Captain is a bit behind schedule.  Instead of leaving early Thursday morning, he had issues with power outages and water at this home because of all the rain.  Adding to that his truck seems to have crapped out.  Add to that the trailer is still in storage and I believe could be actually stuck somewhere.  So the weekend schedule, hell the weekend itself is in a bit of doubt at the moment!  Last I heard there was a friend helping to fetch the trailer and a hopefull borrow/rental that would allow him to leave early Friday am.  More to come... fun start!

In addition, I found an official race event preview HERE.  The Lemons organizers tweeted this and they actually reference the team I'll be running with - The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers. 

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