Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lemons @ Gingerman Setup (Friday)

After delaying our trip 1 day due to Truck problems (need a truck to pull the racecar/trailer), I got the word at 7:30am Friday that the truck would be fixed!  I left for the track around 9am Friday morning with the hopes the racecar would make it there in enough time to get in a few hours of testing.  My eta was 1:30-2pm with no traffic after adding in the time change.  The racecar was only 2 hrs distance from the track and now that the truck was fixed it should be leaving soon.

Once into Michigan around 12noon I called for an update.  I unfortunately found out the racecar wasn't loaded and moving quite yet.  Although the truck was fixed, the insane amounts of rain including nearly 7" on Wed/Thurs alone was causing some major issues getting the trailer out of the storage lot.  Think 8000lbs loaded and wet grass + mud.  This update confirmed we would miss the testday.  It also created a new problem; we needed to be teched by 5pm that evening. 
After a pitstop at a Winery/Brewery/Distillery to 'cool my jets', I pulled in to Gingerman around 3:30pm.  I staked out a spot and talked to the judges about our timeframe to make them aware.  Around 5:45pm the racecar made it to Gingerman, but tech was closed.  We would be forced to tech early Saturday and hope the judges would not be too pissed!  We also needed to diagnose an issue with the racecar; namely I was told it wouldn't run.

After borrowing a voltage meter we confirmed the battery was most likely the issue and not the alternator or worse.  Around 7-8pm (while it was snowing/sleeting lightly) we sent a teammate out for parts while we setup the generator to gets lights inside the trailer and then pulled the old battery while hiding from the wind and opening a beer finally...
About an hour later we had a new battery installed; the car started and backed out of the trailer and covered for the night.  Assuming we had the only problem fixed and pretty much froze after several hours out in the elements, we headed out for some food and planned to meet back up at 7:30am to hopefully get our individual gear teched/approved as well as the car.

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