Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brake Cooling Update Project!

In an attempt to keep the braking system cooler, I've got a series of projects to undergo before I line up for another sprint race!  With my next NASA event being this weekend, here's what I did have time to undergo...

I pulled the caliper & rotor off.  Then I unhooked and removed the dust shield, which I am planning to leave off.  I've really only left them on as I've been worried about them protecting the ABS sensors.  So taking the advice I've got, I wrapped the ABS sensor and lines in the DEI wrap that's frequently used for exhaust or header wrap.  You wet it down, tack it in place and spray it with the associated spraycan. 

Below is a pic of the nearly finished ABS line wrapped, coated, and ziptied up.  If you follow it to the bottom, that is the location of the actual sensor which has a separate chunk of wrapping protecting it. 

This should prevent the rotor from retaining as much heat as it has been.  Next up after this weekend of running TT at Putnam Park will be the planned new run of larger cooling ducts including new openings in the bumper.  I've got everything I need to undergo this project and just need to figure out where and how much to hack up the front bumper!  Wish me luck at Putnam and then later with my crappy Fabrication skills!

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