Friday, May 25, 2012

Tow Truck - Oil Change!

Maintenance is ever on-going.  That includes not only the racecar, but everything else in the garage especially the tow truck.  My Nissan Titan was due for an oil change, creating over 35,000 miles recently with a good portion of them towing miles - along with it being my Daily Driver.

Since I got the truck, it's been running AMSOIL 5w30.  It's always ran and shifted smooth and I've no complaints.  One side effect of the mileage (I assume it's the age) is that the fuel consumption has gone down.  The truck has been getting about 1mpg more across the board in 2012; both back-and-forth to work and when towing.  Keep it coming!

Next up on the schedule is a full round of fluids for the 929 Evo.  All AMSOIL products going in, everything from engine oil to transmission fluid.  I'll post up some pics when I get to it. 

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